March 30, 2015 Lori P.

Take a Break.


One of many observations about myself, and of some peers of mine, we get wrapped up in being busy. And it seems to be the common response when you ask how someone is doing. “I’m busy”. We are pushers! And we sure do know how to push, don’t we?!

This weekend was beautiful in New Mexico. And we took advantage and made a break for it. We hit the trails. A short venture up into Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, we got explore the wonders of Kasha-Katuwe, meaning ‘white cliffs’ in Keresan, the traditional language of the nearby Pueblo de Cochiti. These rock formations, created during voluminous eruptions in the Jemez Mountain volcanic field 1.61 and 1.25 million years ago, are fascinating, and worth a good afternoon hike. There are some places that you’ll walk through, that will have you feeling like you’re on a whole new planet. Something similar to a scene from Star Wars, or Indiana Jones.

Here’s a glimpse into that experience from my lens. A mere peek into the adventure. I highly recommend that you go check it out for yourself!












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