“The ultimate design professional, Lori is consummately creative, nimble, and comfortable facilitating solutions from ambiguity. My firm has hired Lori for several projects and we’ve been delighted with both her approach and results.”

Chantal Forster
Director at FosterMilo Web Strategy, Architecture, Design

“Lori’s designs and work is, simply put, excellent. She works exceptionally well with clients, helping them understand the process, and they are always beyond pleased with the results. Her designs are well thought out.

Lori brings more than design capability to clients as well. Her business acumen is excellent and she has the ability to help clients with business practices. Lori will go above and beyond to provide the best for her clients.

Lori is a valuable resource, dedicated and committed to producing the best possible result. She is an asset to every client she works with.”

David Schneider
Still Solutions, Inc.

“Working with Lori was like being guided into a world that I truly haven’t taken time, nor needed the training for in my professional career. It was simple, exciting, fun, and her patience and enthusiasm in experiencing what I do made the explanation of my practice simplified and easy. I truly wanted someone to help me design and brand my business, when I didn’t know what that needed to look like. I’m 100% happy with the work Lori has done for me with my product labeling, website design, logo, and general education on understanding the importance of having a professional web presence. Lori truly has a gift of listening, observing, and creating the external package, of what the root of the internal product has to offer. Thank you Lori!”

Lauren K.
The Celestial Bee

“Lori is a very talented graphic designer and knows how to handle multiple projects like a champ. Lori and I have worked together on many different projects both in and outside of work and they always turn out great. From logos to print media and web design, her clients love the end result. Lori is well known in the community and continues to climb up the chain in the local chapter of AIGA. She works hard and her skill set in design shows it. I recommend hiring Lori for anybody needing a logo design, marketing materials, or any promotional collateral your business needs.”
Kevin Donnigan
Anything Graphic

Lori has a keen eye for design. I had the pleasure of working with her when she transitioned from print to web. Her attention to detail, combined with her ability to fully grasp business requirements, produced clean and professional designs.
Christine Elbo
UX Strategist

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