January 17, 2016 Lori P.

Recently Released: Conference App

Collaborative project with Chris Jungmann of InCaffeine, we have recently released a conference app. My role was to conceptualize the layout, design, and user experience for the app, and Chris developed the app to final completion.


This app was created to enhance the conference attendee’s engagement, productivity, and experience around the New Mexico Infrastructure Conference. Attendees are provided information about sessions, along with accommodations for the conference, including a link to hotel reservations. The information throughout the app is organized to connect the attendee to conference sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Conference session details are organized by conference date and appropriate tracks.Attendees can also create their itinerary and receive a reminder 10 minutes before each session begins. Following each session, and invitation is sent to the attendee to complete a short survey about the session or workshop, providing the conference organizers valuable feedback for their main event. We’ve also included opportunities for sponsors to promote their organization or business through banner placement throughout the app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.