January 3, 2017 Lori P.

Happy New Year!

Here we are, charging on the first day (for many) back to the work day. Hopefully you all had some time to wind down before getting back to it. And here I am, after quite a hiatus from writing.

As with every new year, we tend to throw out resolutions or goals to keep us pushing. The list here, for me, is short, but focused:

Create more
Whether it’s art or writing, my goal is to set time aside to work on things that support creativity and growth, both professionally and personally.

One of my favorite things to promoting creativity is getting out and seeing other cities, cultures, meeting people. With a few trips on the radar for work, supporting my husband’s work, and industry related travels, I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. These opportunities are something that always has me feeling the most grateful, and I look forward to what’s in store for 2017.

Business Moves
I’ve been plotting on some ideas to support my business with a few directions to go. This area will evolve, and I’ll share some progress along the way. Stay tuned.

Be the sponge
2016 put me in a place where I wanted to absorb information. Through conferencing, books, and conversation. With a stack of acquired books and some online material, I’m sticking to this idea of being a sponge and soaking up all the resources and continuing to evolve as a designer and individual.

That should keep me busy this year, yeah? How about you? What goals do you have for 2017? I’d love to hear your aspirations.


While we’re talking about goals – I’d like to invite you to participate in the first Virtual Call for the Graphic Artists Guild, focused on this topic. For details, go HERE.