May 24, 2017 Lori P.

Give Your App User Control

As a designer working with websites and mobile apps I have the opportunity to focus on very different mediums in terms or size, utility, capability and most importantly User Experience, referred as the UX of UI/UX. The UI part stands for User Interface, for those new to this. While there are many different aspects of designing, this post will focus on how much control to give the user.


user control, app design, development

App developers like to think that they are in control, and that’s understandable from a coding perspective, but in reality, it’s the designer’s role to give the user control. The best apps let the user feel that they have complete control of the app, or more to the point, their data. After all, don’t lose sight that to a user, an app is really about data, image, music or videos that interest them.

Your app designer should understand the user and the data. Certainly, an app can suggest a flow, but it’s usually a mistake to design an app that takes control of most of it. We’ve all seen apps that take the user down a path where screen after screen loads, with no choice but to go along for the ride. We want to avoid this roller coaster.

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