Give Your App User Control

As a designer working with websites and mobile apps I have the opportunity to focus on very different mediums in terms or size, utility, capability and most importantly User Experience, referred as the UX of UI/UX. The UI part stands for User Interface, for those new to this. While there are many different aspects of designing, this post will focus on how much control to give the user.


user control, app design, development

App developers like to think that they are in control, and that’s understandable from a coding perspective, but in reality, it’s the designer’s role to give the user control. The best apps let the user feel that they have complete control of the app, or more to the point, their data. After all, don’t lose sight that to a user, an app is really about data, image, music or videos that interest them.

Your app designer should understand the user and the data. Certainly, an app can suggest a flow, but it’s usually a mistake to design an app that takes control of most of it. We’ve all seen apps that take the user down a path where screen after screen loads, with no choice but to go along for the ride. We want to avoid this roller coaster.

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Open Studio at Design5sixty4

Well, Hello!

It’s been a while, and there’s been a lot of moving gears. Of course, I’m hoping to get a little more ahead and timely with these invites, but I’d be doing everyone a disservice if I didn’t at least make some kind of announcement.

You’re Invited!


Join me Friday, April 7, 2017 for D564’s second Open Studio. I’ll have light snacks and beverages for you to enjoy, and casual hangs as you enjoy a nice stroll through the downtown galleries for First Friday. The Cottonwood Center for the Arts is also exhibiting a great collection in the gallery space that you’ll certainly want to check out.

In the way of art and supporting this community that I’ve come to love, I’m hosting this beautiful piece by Al B Johnson for the month of April. More information to come on this artwork. It looks absolutely amazing in the space, and I hope you can stop by to enjoy it! Also, it is for sale! <nudge> You know, if you’re into it.

“Pronounced Hyperbole”
Al B Johnson

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

D564 has a new studio!

We moved!

It’s been a busy couple of months, friends! In between deadlines, there have been some significant changes on the business front. I’m happy to share with you that Design5sixty4 has moved into a new studio! If you follow my social media, well, you already know and there are some exciting bits to add.

Design5sixty4 new studio

Design5sixty4 is located in the wonderful Cottonwood Center for the Arts (CCA) in downtown Colorado Springs. CCA is a great community of creative business from photographers, authors, designers, and creative artists. The creative energy around this space is flowing in abundance and I love it!

First Friday is an event that happens on a monthly basis. The Cottonwood participates in this event, along with many galleries in Downtown Colorado Springs. In conjunction, I’ll be hosting an Open Studio every first Friday, and welcome you to swing by before or after you check out the gallery of amazing work!

And finally, each month I’ll be featuring artists work in my studio. The goal with this is, well you know my favorite hashtag – #bettertogether – I want to support and showcase this amazing community of artists. I’ll be sharing their work on my instagram, twitter, and facebook, along with a write-up here.

Stay tuned! There’s much more to come!



The only time I got off track was when I decided to know my competition. What a mistake! It was much better when I didn’t give a crap!
Barbara Corcoran

First and foremost, I love Barbara C! Secondly, seriously… competition is out there and we’ve gotta keep our edge, hold our own, and at least be aware. I’ve learned through my own cycles that when we spend time fretting over who the competitor is or what they’re doing, we can easily lose sight of our own vision and get off track.

A couple of thoughts:

There’s enough work for everyone. So, don’t feel like you’re going to be out. With the right mindset and commitment to our goals, we’ll be taken care of.

Get to know your community. If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from volunteering with AIGA and engaging with the design communities — there’s a lot of amazing lessons here actually, but let’s stay on course — it’s that no one is *that* stressed out about what others are doing. It’s a very supportive community full of people who are always rising each other up vs taking each other out.

So, I share Barbara’s words, with a little splash of experience. And even as a reminder to myself. Whether it’s personal or professional, mind your business. Do your best, focus on your goals, and don’t  stress about what the others are doing.

Now, get to work.


Okay, friends. Here I am – back on WordPress. And did it give me a million reasons to leave it ***again*** today. First and foremost, I want to apologize for blowing up any inboxes today. I have been making updates and I’m not sure how or why you were notified of old posts, but I hope that this funky behavior does not happen again.

I’m giving WP a fair chance again, despite my back and forth with this platform. The biggest reason is that a platform like this is so much easier to update than my in-between custom builds. My goal is to write more this year without too much hassle. So, let’s give that a go, shall we? 😉


Again, I apologize for any inconvenience or overload I managed to blow up your inboxes with today.

Illustrator K.C. Green


Happy New Year!

Here we are, charging on the first day (for many) back to the work day. Hopefully you all had some time to wind down before getting back to it. And here I am, after quite a hiatus from writing.

As with every new year, we tend to throw out resolutions or goals to keep us pushing. The list here, for me, is short, but focused:

Create more
Whether it’s art or writing, my goal is to set time aside to work on things that support creativity and growth, both professionally and personally.

One of my favorite things to promoting creativity is getting out and seeing other cities, cultures, meeting people. With a few trips on the radar for work, supporting my husband’s work, and industry related travels, I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. These opportunities are something that always has me feeling the most grateful, and I look forward to what’s in store for 2017.

Business Moves
I’ve been plotting on some ideas to support my business with a few directions to go. This area will evolve, and I’ll share some progress along the way. Stay tuned.

Be the sponge
2016 put me in a place where I wanted to absorb information. Through conferencing, books, and conversation. With a stack of acquired books and some online material, I’m sticking to this idea of being a sponge and soaking up all the resources and continuing to evolve as a designer and individual.

That should keep me busy this year, yeah? How about you? What goals do you have for 2017? I’d love to hear your aspirations.


While we’re talking about goals – I’d like to invite you to participate in the first Virtual Call for the Graphic Artists Guild, focused on this topic. For details, go HERE.

We Moved!

Shucks, it was hard to leave New Mexico. But equally as tough to say no to beautiful Colorado! Trading a Sandia mountain range on the east, with Pikes Peak view on the west sounds like a fair adjustment, yeah? With that, Design5sixty4 is now operating out of Colorado Springs, Colorado! Of course not limited to this area, as we have work in various places.

We are however, *so* grateful for our amazing and supportive clients in this transition, especially our New Mexico teams that we work with! Of course, being just a quick dash down south, New Mexico will be on the radar quite frequently!

Stay tuned, as we have some fun projects recently released to share with you, and of course new adventures in Beautiful Colorado!

Recently Released: Conference App

Collaborative project with Chris Jungmann of InCaffeine, we have recently released a conference app. My role was to conceptualize the layout, design, and user experience for the app, and Chris developed the app to final completion.


This app was created to enhance the conference attendee’s engagement, productivity, and experience around the New Mexico Infrastructure Conference. Attendees are provided information about sessions, along with accommodations for the conference, including a link to hotel reservations. The information throughout the app is organized to connect the attendee to conference sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Conference session details are organized by conference date and appropriate tracks.Attendees can also create their itinerary and receive a reminder 10 minutes before each session begins. Following each session, and invitation is sent to the attendee to complete a short survey about the session or workshop, providing the conference organizers valuable feedback for their main event. We’ve also included opportunities for sponsors to promote their organization or business through banner placement throughout the app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.



Thank you, 2015!

While we are not quite out of 2015 yet, I want to share my gratitude for everyone who has been a part of this year! I don’t even know where to begin!

Design5sixty had a steady year! I’m so grateful for the amazing folks that I got to collaborate with, and for my wonderful clients on the roster – you all have made 2015 one of the best yet! I’m looking forward to rolling into 2016 without a hitch, with some of you moving into the year with Design5sixty4, along with welcoming some new and exciting clients and projects! I’m also grateful for my new business consultant, and looking forward to our upcoming meetings to map out a stronger business to support clients and growth opportunities!


AIGA New Mexico was the big turnover for me. As you know, I’ve been leading this organization for a couple years, and as every two years closes out a term this year was my close as President for the chapter. My role now as chapter advisor, is a nice role to stay engaged with the community and the board, but not so heavily involved allows me time and energy to focus in other areas of my career and personal life.

AIGA New Mexico 2013-14 Board of Directors & Volunteers

Personally, this year was big on the Lori+Tim front. We celebrated with friends and family in our #weddingoftheyear and “tied the knot”! We are so happy to have been surrounded by our most amazing friends and family during this time, and throughout this entire year!


THANK YOU! You all have made 2015 wonderful! And I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 will bring for us all!

Happy New Year!

Do Work: El Dorado Volunteer Fire Department

Teamed up with my husband Tim, utilizing his expertise in signage and my assistance to him, along with project management, we came together to reallocate and freshen up many of the fire trucks and rescue vehicles in El Dorado, New Mexico.

I don’t work in this area often. Of course, not afraid of new turf, it was fun to switch things up a little bit and do something that is more hands-on. It’s quite an extensive process that begins with laying out the type in illustrator, cutting the vinyl, weeding vinyl, and because we did this in layers – overlaying the decals, finally prepping them for install. Once we arrived at the station we began removal of old decals with a heat gun and spray chemical to remove any adhesive. With many variations of decals previously installed, some were tougher than others to remove. Once we got the first truck stripped down, I continued on with the removal process of old decals on the remaining trucks, while Tim worked on installing the new decals.

A few snapshots at work:

Working for over 10hrs on these, we ended up snowed in and stuck up north due to the blizzard of the year. Which made for a nice, short stay with my brother who holds this beautiful view from his backyard.

This was a great opportunity for Tim and I to come together on a project and make the most out of this collaboration.