March 20, 2015 Lori P.

Be Brave.

This morning, I watched Creative Mornings, with guest Chase Jarvis. The topic is about being vulnerable. Be fearless. Be brave.

How does this resonate with you? With me?! Fear is everything that I do as an independent contractor and designer. There are amazing designers out there, and I don’t necessarily categorize myself with them, but maybe that’s simply an insecurity. I’m the worst self-promoter… I’m aware of that. But I believe that we all share a common ground. We’re creative, and I know and follow many creatives who are self-employed. So with that, I have had great opportunities and am working with some amazing clients, which has all been a byproduct of how I’ve evolved as a business owner and creative. Ultimately affecting my own confidence in being my own boss, and challenging this fear that comes along with self-employment. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and am still learning on a daily basis.

Fear and I have a strange relationship. I hate her. Yes, she’s a woman. She tries to stop me from moving forward. And sometimes, I do stop and I think for a minute about my approach to whatever challenge is ahead of me. When I’m done obsessively pondering on my next move, I take her on! Sometimes with success, sometimes not. And then, I learn to love and appreciate Fear. Because where she once stood in the way, she stepped aside and let me grow. Even in moments of failure.

And then there’s that… failure. [sets pride aside] Failure creates growth and learning. We fall down, get back up, and dust ourselves off. And we learn from those moments, or failures. And sometimes, almost always, if it’s good enough and the fight is worth it, we find new ways around that challenge and it comes to light.

Moral of the story, friends: Be Brave.

Overcoming fear and conceiving this ‘art of more’ should be a fundamental practice in what it is that you do and make.

– Chase Jarvis