Our customers stay top of mind in everything we do.

We make smart decisions, put the business first, and do more with less.

We collaborate, reach out, make friends, and we build trust.

We check the ego at the door, and remain respectful, collaborative, curious, and open-minded.

We never stop growing and evolving. We are continuously learning.

We believe in good design. We believe in your value, and ours. We work hard to achieve your goals.



Lori Patton O’Hara, owner and graphic designer of Design5sixty4 is driven and focused on your needs. D564 is built around the passion and commitment towards good business and good design. Focused in graphic design, encompassing print, web design and logo design, Lori strives for and works hard to satisfy the goals and business needs of her clients.

Continuously growing, Lori stays engaged in professional development and expanding her career with AIGA, currently as active Chapter Advisor to a few chapters across the nation.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~ unknown

Q: What is 564?
A: 564 is a model of Schwinn bicycle. While life is like riding a bicycle, as is design. In this industry, we are always evolving in many directions. We continue to keep up with the momentum, maintaining balance to stay relevant, and pedal forward.

We Collaborate:
Sometimes your projects need more than design. Lori partners with the most efficient and talented independent contractors to make sure that all of your goals are met! In some cases, it comes in the form of the following expertise:

  • Web Development
  • APP Development
  • Marketing Strategy


Chapter Advisor for AIGA, the professional association for Design

See events on a national level, as well as a great resource for creatives across the board.

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